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» Is the game free?

Yes. All purchases are optional. However, if you enjoy the game, purchasing something is an excellent way to show your appreciation and to support further development efforts. You get numerous benefits as well. Check inside the game itself for more details.

» What is the cost in US$ (or other currencies)?

Stand-alone version of the game: All prices listed in the game are in Euros (€). You can use this page to convert between Euros and any other currency. Bear in mind that, since international currency rates fluctuate constantly, the precise amount charged will depend on your exact time of purchase.

Steam version of the game: Prices will appear in the currency of your Steam wallet.

» Does the "Chicken Hunter License" expire?

Never. It lasts forever.

» Can I lose my "Chicken Hunter License" or other purchases?

Never. Accounts which have one or more purchases associated with them are never reset, even if they become inactive.

Some account progress might be lost if it ever becomes necessary to roll back to an earlier snapshot of the game database, but even in such cases, we'll take extra care to preserve all purchases.

» What payment methods do you support?

PayPal handles all of our payments, so we support whatever PayPal supports (currently, this is debit or credit cards, a bank account, PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account balance, PayPal Credit, and rewards balance). You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment (but having an account simplifies the process).

» I can't pay using PayPal. Is there any other way?

You can install the Steam version of the game, which uses Steam Wallet for payment.

» I can't pay using Steam either. Is there any other way?

Sadly not.


» Should I associate an e-mail with my game account?

Absolutely. Associating an e-mail with your game account allows you to recover your account if you ever lose access to it. Your e-mail will also allow you to log in with the same game account from other places (this is called "Account Linking", see below). Your e-mail is only used to recover your account – we never send any spam to it.

Steam version: The game saves your game account token on Steam cloud, so an extra layer of protection is present there. However, note there still exist scenarios where you can lose access to your account (for example, if the local copy is corrupted and then gets uploaded to the cloud, then both copies will be bad). In such cases, only an e-mail can help you.

» What is "Account linking"?

Account linking allows you to log in with the same game account on more than one device. You can use this to transfer your game progress to a new PC, or play both from your laptop and smartphone, or transfer progress between the stand-alone PC and Steam versions.

Note: If your account is linked on multiple devices, you can only be logged in from a single device at a time. Simultaneous logins will cause you to be disconnected.

» How do I link my account?

First, on your existing game installation, associate an e-mail with your game account (at the main menu, select “Accounts” and see if your e-mail is listed there. If it says “guest”, use “Change e-mail” to associate an e-mail).

Then, on your new device, at the main menu select “Accounts” and then “Link account”. Enter your e-mail and follow the instructions to complete the linking.

» I've lost my account.

At the game's main menu, use the "Accounts" button to re-link to your original account. During linking you'll need to provide the e-mail that you associated with your original account. If you did not previously associate an e-mail, then your account cannot be restored.

» I'm trying to link my account, but I don't receive the PIN e-mail.

Double-check that you have entered the correct e-mail, wait at least 10 minutes, and check your spam folder. If you associated a fake e-mail with your account, then your account cannot be restored.

» Can I merge two separate accounts?


» I have been inactive, and upon returning to the game my account was reset.

All of your account data is kept on the game's servers. The only thing you save locally is a small token (which tells the servers which data is yours). This consumes CPU time (because your account data needs to be indexed and searched), storage space (on the disk and the database), and network bandwidth (because it must be transmitted to other players). All of these things come both at a technical and an economic cost. This makes it necessary to periodically clear out inactive accounts. Typically this happens after 6-12 months of inactivity, but under certain circumstances the period could be shorter (if you have only played for a few minutes total, for example).

Accounts which have a purchase associated with them will never be reset.

» How can I delete my account?

Follow these steps to delete your game account:

⚠ WARNING: This cannot be undone. If you delete your account, you will lose it forever.

1. Optional step: If you have set an in-game callsign, reset it. Log in the galaxy, then press the "Profile" button at the top-left (looks like a pilot helmet). Change the callsign field to something random there.

2. If you have an e-mail associated with your account, reset it. At the game's main menu, select "Accounts", then your account, then "Change e-mail". Enter any random non-existent e-mail there.

3. Delete your account. At the game's main menu, select "Accounts", then your account, then "Delete" (if the delete button is disabled, press "Add guest" first and then try again).


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